Marketing mix on milk and milk products

Mother Dairy also maintains a differential pricing strategy in its marketing mix and varies according to geographical regions.

By establishing these parameters, you can help to flush out what aspect of your dairy business to highlight and where will be the most effective place for you to advertise to capture your target audience. Promotion gets people to acknowledge a product; the disadvantage of promoting on television maybe that the viewers get fed up seeing it time and time again.

This means that they consider packaging an important factor. The Mother Dairy ice creams have also been quite popular because of TV commercials. After being brought in from the farmers in tankers or being collected at the collection centres, it goes on for processing in the plants and then on it is delivered to it Local Area Distributors.

Dairy Milk is sold in a product range rather than one product, as this will give consumers a wider variety of choices. It has also presence internationally in around 40 countries. Since the mid s, the grocery trade has become a very important confectionery retail category along with the traditional Confectioner, Tobacconist and Newsagent CTN businesses.

From the above products we can see how it has classified its products in different niche segments according to demand or need of consumers. Mother Dairy majorly deals with manufacturing and selling of milk and other dairy products such as paneer, ghee, curd, butter milk, lassi and ice creams.

This will be useful for the marketing mix section. About 34 per cent of these households in urban India have access to satellite television channel. With the increasing number of channels available, it is difficult to get the exposure to a large percentage of the population. Safal and Dhara also go through the same supply chain before it could reach the retailer to the consumers.

It follows very high level of quality standards and has hence invested heavily in testing tools to maintain high product quality.

Marketing mix for the Cadbury's Dairy Milk Essay

I will do this by the following objectives: Other milk products also have similar situations and we can see pricing done according to rising prices of other input factors.

If the owners and operators are third-generation dairy farmers or an extension of a business with deep roots and extensive experience, highlight this in your advertising. Let us start the Mother Dairy Marketing Mix: This implies that the costs involved in raw material procurement, processing, packaging, storage, marketing and distribution must be kept as low as possible.

Posted in Products, Total Reads: Amul has always been known for coming up with new innovative products for different customer segments. Cadbury is the leader in the UK chocolate confectionery market with 13 brands in the list of top 30 chocolate brands. One is the acquisition channel which is in charge of gathering of Milk through dairy co-agents.

The shorter the channel the more likely that the consumer prices will be low and the producer will get a higher return. As its suppliers are farmers and cooperatives, it is able to save on other middle men costs.

Schools and workplaces are especially going to be targeted, as this will make the chocolate more accessible. It was started in under the famous initiative Operation Flood.

Due to its very vast distribution channel and very strong links with suppliers i.

Dairy Marketing Strategy

Posted in Products, Total Reads: I will go to different retail outlets to see if they are accessible enough. The biggest disadvantage of direct milk sales to consumers by hawkers is the total lack of quality control and the frequent rate of adulteration of milk with dirty water, which is illegal.

Since its suppliers are farmers and cooperatives and needs to support them, milk prices change with inflations and certain amount of fluctuations are visible in Mother Dairy milk prices.

There is also one more channel which consist of carrying and sending specialists who helps in minimizing the administrative and transportation costs. As the population grows so does the demand for milk.

Since Mother Dairy deals with a perishable which needs refrigeration and has very less shelf life, it produces as per demand of the regions. The edible oil sections under brand Dhara faces a lot of competition from many brands and hence as loyalty of customers is based on price and quality.

They often use penetration to introduce a new product. If the owners and operators are third-generation dairy farmers or an extension of a business with deep roots and extensive experience, highlight this in your advertising.

Product Dairy Milk offers chocolate from Buttons up to 2kg blocks to suit all occasions. The increasing away-from-home consumption trend opens new vistas for ready-to-serve dairy products which would ride piggyback on the fast food revolution sweeping the urban India.

Amul has a very diverse product range in its marketing mix.Marketing and Pricing of Milk and Milk Products The price of a product in the market is an important factor influencing consumer demand.

Marketing mix for the Cadbury’s Dairy Milk

Hence to be marketable. This information will then be used to make recommendations for a suitable marketing mix for the Dairy Milk range of products. 2. I will research on the Dairy Milk products to find out their product range, brand names, life cycles, and distribution channels and why it is important for Dairy Milk to have a Unique Selling Point (USP) when.

Marketing Mix of Dairy Milk – Dairy Milk Marketing Mix December 27, By Hitesh Bhasin Tagged With: Marketing mix articles Dairy Milk is owned, produced and marketed by Cadbury in the global market and by Hershey Company in the United States.

Milk Products- Milk and Butter.

Mother Dairy Marketing Mix

synthesis paper pdf. TS PGECET Food Technology Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Marketing Mix Product 1. Precios de cada una de las diferentes marcas de leche 2, 2, 2, 1_Setting Up of Mini Dairy Plant.

Uploaded by. lietuvosstumbrai.comon. AWT Classic CM Series En. Uploaded by. Dayana Arias. When marketing a dairy product, the most important aspect of your strategy is determining your competition and audience. Milk products from cows unaffected by hormones and chemicals are. Price in the Marketing mix of Cadbury.

With quality comes price. As the quality of the products is high, and the beverages and Oreo requires constant marketing to be on top, the price of Cadbury products is also high in some cases, whereas in others it is very much reasonable.

Marketing mix on milk and milk products
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